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Quality of Life

Today and in large part because of the region’s urbanization and internationalization, the Research Valley boasts a quality of place that celebrates the arts and culture, education, commerce, and the outdoors. The Research Valley is home to two of the best public school districts in the State of Texas, churches of every faith, world-class restaurants and commercial districts, and a wonderful parks system.
According to Sperling’s 2010 Best Places Cost of Living, The Research Valley is overall 19% under the national average within food, housing, utilities, healthcare, and transportation costs. The Research Valley is known for its award-winning schools, excellent medical facilities, beautiful neighborhoods, and an abundance of outdoor activities.

Cost of Living Index 

  The Research Valley United States
Overall 93.0 100
Food 90.2 100
Health 95.0 100
Housing 95.0 100
Utilities 96.0 100
Transportation 97.0 100
Miscellaneous 90.0 100
Sperling's Cost of Living Jan. 2017    

Regional Housing Cost 

  2014 2015
 Average Home Price  $202,700   $214,467 
 # Homes Sold  3,123  3,307 

For more information about housing options in the Research Valley, visit www.bcsrealtor.com or www.bcsbuilders.org.