Bio Innovation

From Innovation to Industry

The purpose of BioResearch Valley is to foster and cultivate bio-related businesses and organizations whose presence contributes to the region’s sustainable bioscience economy.

World-Class Biotech Research and Innovations

In addition to being home to the Texas A&M University System, its flagship Texas A&M University, and the emerging Texas A&M Health Science Center, the BioResearch Valley is the workplace for experts in biotech and biomedical fields whose discoveries are paving the way for revolutionary advancements and developing the next generation of life-saving products in the medical device, drug and therapeutic industries.

The region provides leading-edge training programs for careers in quality assurance, regulatory science and even advanced technologies in manufacturing required to make a science lab discovery into a commercialized drug or device.

Your Critical “One-Stop-Shop” Biotech Infrastructure Pipeline: BioResearch Valley’s combined resources and facilities is your critical “one-stop-shop” infrastructure pipeline to discover new therapies in plant, animal, and human health, perform preclinical evaluations, and utilize flexible, scalable biopharmaceutical manufacturing, all in one convenient location.

Corporate solutions specialists in virtually every field have the expertise to make your bio venture a success. Contact the Research Valley Partnership today.