Innovative Smartphone App Increases Safety

Texas A&M’s Health Science Center is making impressive strides to create a safer and more informed campus. They recently launched a free smart phone app called “HSC eduSafe” which aims to simplify and increase access to campus information and safety procedures.

Due to the nature of the work done at the Health Science Center, safety is a top priority. This app consolidates laboratory safety information, radiation safety procedures and fire safety forms into one convenient location. All emergency procedures can be accessed anytime without a Wi-Fi connection.

“In today’s world, we must be aware of the various workplace threats that exist and each of us should know the procedures we have in place to address them. This application developed by the HSC places all of this information at our fingertips in a very simple and user-friendly package,” said Courtney Dodge, the Assistant Dean for Institutional Effectiveness with the Health Science Center’s College of Medicine.

Additionally, the app contains useful information such as maps and parking information, a contact directory and links to relevant websites. Other features include a portal to request a security escort while walking on campus and a simple form to report any safety hazard.

The developers of the app include: Clay D. Hanks, John W. Fellers, Erich Fruchtnicht and Leslie Lutz, all from the Texas A&M Health Science Center. Development began in November 2012. “HSC eduSafe” was launched on February 28, 2013.

The development of this app also led to the formation of a start-up company, m2s3 Holdings Inc., through the Texas A&M System Office of Technology Commercialization. The new company is exploring the potential of this innovative software.