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Schedule for Brazos Valley Business Forum
Thursday, September 27
Texas A&M Hotel and Conference Center

9:00AM - MORNING SESSION - Sponsored by the Texas A&M New Ventures Competition
Energized: Presenting 1 Million Cups

Explained: The Brazos Valley Economic Development Strategy

Unveiled: The New College Station/Bryan Business Cycle Index
9:45AM - NETWORKING BREAK - Sponsored by Stafford Barrett Commercial Brokerage
A) Cultivating a Positive Corporate Culture: Employees are a company's greatest asset. Investments in their workplace environment can lead to high productivity and profitability for the company. This presentation by an internationally-respected expert on human resource development will focus on the benefits of a strong corporate culture and how it may be easier to achieve than you think.
  • Jia Wang - Associate Professor of Educational Administration and Human Resource Development, Texas A&M College of Education and Human Development

B) Defining Community Engagement: The Business Benefits of Outreach - When a community is strong, a customer base is better. Businesses can play a key role in improving lives while at the same time improving their networking and their image. This discussion brings together leaders who have first-hand experiences and examples of how businesses and employees can make a significant positive impact on their communities and their companies.
  • Hannah Cole - Board Chair, Young Professionals of Aggieland
  • Alison Prince - President/CEO, United Way of the Brazos Valley
  • Jose Quintana - President/CEO, Advent GX
  • Mike Wright - Vice President/General Manager, KBTX Media
10:50AM - BREAKOUT SESSION #2 - Sponsored by Lamar Advertising
A) Boosting Your Digital Media and Marketing - Attracting customers to your product is becoming easier for businesses big and small thorugh the ever-changing digital landscape. Are you putting the right focus into reaching your maximum audience? This panel discussion will feature how social media, web design and videography can improve and expand your marketing to position your business for success.
  • Donny Hall - Owner, Studio 82
  • Martin Hooper - Founding Partner/Creative Director, Drift
  • Nancy Parish - Lecturer, Texas A&M Department of Communications
  • William Peel - Executive Director of Innovation & Strategic Planning, Texas A&M Mays Business School

B) Busting the Myths of Entrepreneurship - From start-up success stories to "Shark Tank" rock stars, "entrepreneurship" has become a big buzzword. With that buzz can come misconceptions and misrepresentations. Three of Aggieland's authorities on the subject will break through the noise and discuss what it means to be an entrepreneur and what it takes to be a great one.
  • Caleb Holt - Manager, TEEX Product Development Center
  • Blake Petty - Director, Texas A&M Mays Business School's McFerrin Center for Entrepreneurship
  • Chris Scotti - Entrepreneur-in-Residence, TEES Commercialization
11:30AM - NETWORKING LUNCH - Sponsored by Midtown City Center

1:00PM - BREAKOUT SESSION #3Sponsored by Stylecraft Builders
A) Cash is King: Investing Before, During and After Your Business - Rule #1 of business: Cash is king. Rule #2 of business: Don't forget Rule #1. This presenation by two of the Brazos Valley's premier entrepreneurs will dive into how strategic investing since their humble beginnings has positioned them for future success. They will share how you can make your money work best for you throughout your business' life cycle.
  • James Benham - CEO, JBKnowledge Inc.
  • Corey Cormier - President, Legal Monkeys
  • Jeff McDougall - President/CEO, Gazoo

B) Economic Development for Local Leaders - Every time you ship a product, make a phone call or send an email out of the Brazos Valley, you are representing the area to others. That means you are taking part in economic development. One of the nation's leading experts and instructors on the subject provides an overview of economic development, and makes sure you know about how the process works in our area. Available tools, resources and best practices will be presented so you are more aware in planning and making decisions.
  • Lisa Mutchler - Economic Development Director, TEEX
1:45PM - NETWORKING BREAK - Sponsored by College Station Medical Center
2:00PM - DR. RICK RIGSBY'S KEYNOTE PRESENTATION - Sponsored by Oldham Goodwin Group